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This is a work in progress site. It's still mostly template content

Latest Projects

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This site!

I figured it was high time to get a real portfolio site that's modern and doesn't rely on my (lack of) design skills. It's also a playground for me to learn and develop with Flask, hence the Flask logo to the left!

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I needed a quick and easy way to manage cookies between sessions with Story.js, so I made this. It's a simple way to manage cookies using the repository pattern. With just 5-ish methods, cookies have never been simpler!

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Other Projects

EKULMS Open Source

This was my first real project of any kind of real scale. I've grown a great deal as a developer since then, so the code isn't indicative of my skills now. One day I will go back and refactor it into a framework

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Work Experience

Web Developer - eLink Design, Inc (2014 - Present)

Lead Designer - One Touch Media (2012 - 2012)

My GitHub

Here's a quick look at my GitHub activity. Be amazed by my coding activity!